Take some air

Recently we got back from a trip in Albania. We spend over a month at this glorious country, seeking for some quiet from life's challenges.

Albania is a developing country with a new approach to global companies and the western world. Since the western impact hasn't had it's influences on all of the country yet you can find examples for the positive aspects of

ancient world.

1. Size ratio between the garden and the house: Having a nice garden with enough space to spend your days could make a big change in your habits and your family's energy consumption. Outdoor living could be a way of living with all its positive influences.

2. Your needs within reach: designing your living area with all your needs around you, including your food. Farming habits sounds like science fiction to most of us but there is a unique opportunity involving it. Once you start growing your own vegetables, milking some of your milk, and baking your bread, great aspects on your life will come. Besides the health incomes there are also benefits regarding your energy efficiency. There are so many habits we adopted throughout the years of creating junk that one day will flush us all.

Working is a means rather than a goal: the balance between work and life bothers us all. It looks like years ago they knew the answer better than us. If your goal is to bring food back home, once you've accomplished it there is plenty of time for living. If you set your salary goals upon real needs the balance will appear. Seating at a local restaurant eating a fish that has just been fished with a fresh vegetable with your host seating calmly strikes your perspective on modern world.