Nepal: Unique building methods

Traveling in Nepal is always a fascinating trip, the views, the people,the food allows you to feel the gifts the world has given us.

This time it was a privilege to travel through the villages and find ideas to use in our green building method. Looking for solutions for the climate change and the will for green building can be answered by nepal's custom building.

Most of the population of Nepal lives in rural areas where the houses are made up of stones, mud bricks, wood, with thatched roofs and raised eaves. The bamboo reed huts can also be spotted. Most of the houses have two stories with some of them containing only two rooms, one for sleeping and one for cooking. The well-constructed houses in Nepal are generally built using stone and timber and roofed with wooden slats.

When it comes to building a traditional house in Nepal, you should always pay attention to even the smallest of details because somewhere down the road, it will prevent human casualties and huge expenses. If you are building a new house, you should have thorough knowledge about the construction mapping and its entire process, essential construction material, house designing, quality of construction material needed and their market prices, isolation, and more.

According to the experts, you should first analyze the total expenditure that comes with all the phases of building the house. More often than not, people hand over the construction works to contractors and they end up being cheated but you should take the responsibility in your own hands and take note of all construction processes throughout the way.

Some of our ideas today could rely on the nepalin's methods and construction solutions, just think of the way we approach nature once building a new house or the use of nature to plan an isolation for our house.

In my tour and chats with locals i found great green thinking and healthy approach to natures abilities for our houses.