A short brief on a large method

Green building  is basically a process of creating high quality and energy-efficient homes  by keeping a wise approach towards the resources being used in the process.

Keeping the construction at the higher end and the environmental impact on the lower end is said to be a Green building.  Rather than a process, Green building and construction is a goal for a builder to construct buildings in such a way that it will have negligible effects on the environment .

Green building combines both materials and processes to maximize efficiency, durability and savings.

In order to make a building  ‘Green’ there are following points that should be taken care of and should be worked upon during the construction time:-

  • A wise approach for the climate influences on the building

  • Renewable energy and recycling our uses for other purposes

  • Design and plan our spaces considering our way of living with the environment

  • Bringing the goods of nature into our spaces and take into consideration their influence

With the above features and points followed step by step any building can be constructed as a green building.