"If you can dream it you can make it"   (w. disney)

The love for creating and the attraction for nature has brought us to establish Green-wise. 

we are a team of visionaries that come from different fields of real estate: Designers, Engineers, Business consultants and entrepreneurs. We have gathered to create the team of Green-Wise with our pation for creating a new way of thinking.

Green buildings has been around us from ancient history, the methods and solutions are spread all over the world. We are here to gather the knowledge worldwide and to create dreams for energy efficient  spaces. 

Our company is build for Consulting and leading as well, every were their is creating we are happy to be.


Our company has set the goal for a green future as its first priority. We believe that a worldwide knowledge can bring new solutions and creativity for every project we meet.

Our seek for the newest products leads us to travel and find ideas, products, and building methods from various countries. 

Our consumers will enjoy creativity and passion for innovation together with evaluation for ancient methods.

Every project we take part in is a gift we try to deliver to the world for a greener future.